Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 9 (2007)

Effect of heat stress on subsequent germination and viability of Brachiaria eruciformis (Sm.), Dinebra  retroflexa (Vahl) Panz. And Ocimum basilicum L. seeds

Azhari Abdelazim Hamada, Wener Koch, Abdallah Hamdoun, Joachim Sauerborn and Markus Knapp.(PP. 1-8) abstact

Tissue culture technique for propagation of banana cv. Albeely by shoot tip

Mohmed Ahmed Ali1 and George louis Tokporo1(PP. 9-). Abstract

Field evaluation of Cavendish banana (Musa AAA) cultivars and clones

Salah Babiker Bakhiet and Mohamed Ahmed Al (PP. 13-17). Abstractt

Variability, heritability and association of some traits in maize (Zea mays L.)

Ahmad A. Elali Elkhalf , Eltahir S. Ali  and Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim . (PP. 25-31). Abstract

Effects of mother bulb size and nitrogen nutrition on the production of onion seeds in Rahad, central Sudan

Asim Fadl Abu-Sarr . (PP. 33-39). Abstract

Response of tomato to foliar fertilization and nitrogen forms under Gezira conditions, Sudan

Asim F. Abu-Sarra1, Naiem A. Ali1 and Mustafa A. M. Idri1. (PP 41-46.). Abstract

Response of cotton to different forms of fertilizer and N levels under Damazin rainfed conditions

Osama M. A. Elhassan and Elnaiem A. Ali. . (PP. 47-54). Abstract

The response of three cotton varieties to sowing date under rainfed conditions in Blue Nile State

Osama M. A. Elhassan and Abdelrahman H. A/latif . (PP. 55-56). Abstract

Water requirements of the main crops in the Gezira Scheme

Sirelkhatim H. Ahmed, Abdelhadi A. W., Elhadi M. A. and Hussein S. Adam . (PP. 67-89). Abstract

Chicken manure, N and P Fertilizers Effects on muskmelon (Cucumis melo var. reticulatus Naud., growth, soil and plant nutrient contents

Eltayeb M. Abdelmalik, Ahmed M.Z. Ibrahim and Mohamed E. Elkashif . (PP. 91-97). Abstract

The life history of Oryzaephilus  surinamensis (L.) and O. mercator (Fauv.) (Silvanidae: Coleoptera) reared on Gondaila and Barakawi date cultivars under ambient laboratory conditions

Susan M. A. El-Nazir1 , E. El-Khdir2  and M. E. Shazali . (PP.99-107). Abstract

The intrinsic rate of natural increase of the date moth, Ephestia calidella (Guen.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), a pest of stored dates in Sudan

Susan M. A. El-Nazir1, E. El-Khidir and M. E. Shazali (PP. 109-114) Abstract

Prevalence and forecast of the date moth, Ephestia calidella (Guen.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and the saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) on stored dates

Susan M. A. El-Nazir , E. El-Khdir and M. E. Shazali (PP. 115-120) Abstract

An attempt to evaluate economic decision making in pest management by farmers

S. Akoi Binyason, Z.T. Dabrowski and Immam El-Khidir. (PP. 121-127) Abstract

Residue of insecticides in animals grazed on the treated cotton crop

El Obied, G. H., Ahmed, F. A. and Bashir, N. H.H (PP. 129-134) Abstract

Cost efficiency of Malaysian oil and fat industry: An empirical evidence

Mohamed O. A. Bushara1 and Mohd. Ghazali Mohayidin (PP. 135-147) Abstract




Could alfalfa seeds be produced biannually in the River Nile State of Sudan?

Mohamed A. M. Khair and Hassan A. A. Tambal (PP.149-151).

Phenotypic association among cane yield and quality characters across biparental families of suagrcane (Saccharum spp)*

Abdelmahmoud, O. Ahmed1, Vijaya, G . Kumar2, Natarajan, U. S.3 and Babu, C. (PP.153-157)