Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6 (2006)

Implications of late sown irrigated grain sorghum on productivity and water management.

A.W. Abdelhadi1 , M. A. Bashir2 , S. M. Farah1 and T. Hata (PP 1-10) abstract

Resource utilization by grain sorghum under different management factors in a Vertisol soil.

M.Ueda, S. M. Farah, S.I nanaga, Y.Takeuchi and Y. Sugimoto.(PP 11-19). Abstract

Time and method of delayed urea application for irrigated sorghum in the Gezira.

E. A. Elasha1, Ibrahim N. Eldin1 and Abbas Elsir1 (PP. 20-25). Abstractt

Response to soil mulch of some tomato genotypes raised under different environments .

O. A. Sidahmed1, M. S. AL Rawahi2, F. S. AL Raisy2 and S. K. Quatitys. (PP .27-33). Abstract

Two doubled haploid bread wheat cultivars for irrigated heat-stressed environments

Abdelbagi M. Ali1, Hala M. Mustafa1, Izzat S.A. Tahir1, Abdalla B. Elahmadi1, Mohamed S. Mohamed1, Mohamed A. Ali1, Asma M. A. Suliman2, M. Buam3 and Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim4. (PP. 35-42). Abstract

Use of infrared thermometer for water stress detection in faba bean 

Mahmoud F. Ahmed1 , Ibrahim Dawi2 and Omer H. Ibrahim2(PP (43-51). Abstract

Physicochemical characteristics of argessi (Chrozophora brochiana), kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) and loofah(Luffa cylindrica) seed oils 
I. H. Hussein1, M. E. S. Mirghani2 and Y. B. Che Man3. (PP 53-60). Abstract