Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 4 (2004)

Zakia Ibrahim Ali (1957-2005)- an obituary. Full Text PDF

Effect of foliar fertilization on sweet melon under saline conditions I. Growth and yield. M.Ueda, S. M. Farah, S.I nanaga, Y.Takeuchi and Y. Sugimoto. (PP. 3-11). Abstract

Response of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L) to nitrogen fertigation under plastic house conditions. Osman A. Sidahmed., M.S. Al Rawahi and F.S. Al Raisy (PP. 13-17). Abstractt

Effects of mother bulb size, plant population, nitrogen and irrigation on seed yield of onion in northern Sudan. A. H. Nourai, E. M. A. El Fahal and A.S. Maximous. (PP. 19-27). Abstract

Chemical weed control in faba bean in northern Sudan. Elsadig S. Mohamed, A.G.T. Babiker, M. E. K. Ali, G. E. Mohamed, M. I.Mohamed and A. T. Ahmed. (PP. 27-37). Abstract

Effect of irrigation on root growth and grain yield in rabi sorghum. E .A. Elasha, F. R. Bidinger and R. Jayachandran. (PP. 37-43). Abstract

The response of rabi sorghum yield to different management treatments in a Vertic Inceptisol soil. E.A. Elasha, F.R Bidinger and B.Bhaskar Reddy. (PP. 43-53). Abstract

Effect of imposing moisture and nitrogen stresses and subsequent correction on two wheat cultivars. A.A.Hussein. (PP. 53-65). Abstract

Protein/carotene-enriched flaky snack food -"Rugag". S.M.Sid Ahmed, A.R.Ahmed and N.M.Ibrahim. (PP. 65-69). Abstract

Effects of autoclaving, supplementation or imbibition with NaCO3 on the nutritive value of guar meal for growing broiler chickens. A. E. Ahmed and H. A. Hussein. (PP. 69-77). Abstract

Evidence of the presence of tannin-enzyme complexes in the gut of chicken fed dietary tannins. E. Ahmed and R.R. Smithard. (PP. 77-89). Abstract

A note on development of male strile forage sorghum genetic stock in A3 cytoplasm. Maarouf I. Mohammed. (PP.89-93).

Mineralogical composition of the grey layer soils of the Gezira Scheme. Khodari, O. Elhagwa, A.I and Adam, I.A. (PP. 93-97)

Releases and Registrations. (P.97)