Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol.3 (2000)

Effect of salt concentration on flocculation-deflocculation in some selected soils

Eltijani A. Elias. (PP. 1-5) Abstract

Effect of soil pH on uptake of phosphorus, nitrogen, growth and yield of tobacco.

Nuri O. Mukhtar. (PP. 7-10). Abstract

Ionic balance of sorghum in relation to pH, N03- and NH4+ in the nutrient solution

Naiem A. Ali I, Badreldin A.Mohamed I , and Gunter R. Findenegg (PP.11-14). Abstractt

Transformation of urea in the soil of Kenana Scheme

A.I. Adam1, O.A. Ali 2, A.A. Salih 3. and M. Brouwers4. (PP. 15-19). Abstract

Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization of Lehmann lovegrass on some range soils from Southern Arizona.

Osman A. M. Eltoml. and Jack L. Stroehlein2 (PP. 21-24). Abstract

Effect of irrigation intervals and nitrogen fertilization on the production of garlic in Central Sudan.

Ali E. Khashmelmous (PP. 25-28. Abstract

Response of potato to time of nitrogen application.

Mohamed E. Elkashif. M. A. Mohamed, Osman M. Elaminl (PP. 29-32). Abstract

Reduction of evaporation by closing cracks in Sudan Gezira Vertisols.

Hassan S. Hilmi, Eltijani A. Elias, and Hussein S. Adam1 (PP.33-35). Abstract

Thermal time: Concept and application in the field of microclimatology of crops.

H.A Mohamed1 , O.E. Mohamed2 and T.E Mohamed2 (PP. 37-40). Abstract

Control of insect pests in bagged sorghum under gas-proof sheets by two phosphine releasing products.

M.E. Hassan Shazali1 (PP. 41-47) . Abstract

Preliminary biological observations on Microbracon beneficentior in the Gezira State.

R.M. Khafagi1 (PP. 49-57). Abstract

Degreening of "Hamlin" oranges

Hamid Elnil, B. Garrayl, Abu Bakar A. Abu EI Goukh, Farouk H. E Tahir2 and Gamal EI Dien A. Hamid. (PP.59-64). Abstract

Quality aspects of bread supplemented with fenugreek

Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman,Ali O.Ali and ElaminA.Elkhalifa. (PP.65-68). Abstract

A modified chemical method for cotton stickiness grading suitable for commercial application.

Naiem A. Ali1 and Badreldin A. Mohamed2 (PP.69-72). Abstract

The degradation of different parts of Mesquite (Prosopis chilensis) in the rumen of Nubian goats in the Sudan Gezira.

Mohmed Elamin Elimam and  Manal Ali Ahmed Babikir. (PP73-75). Abstract

Analysis of policies related to wheat production in the Sudan.

Abbas Elsir M. Elamin1. (PP.77-83). Abstract