Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 22 (2013)

Effect of winter sowing date and nitrogen rate on growth and yield of some okra (Albelmoschus esculentus L.) cultivars in the Gezira State, Sudan

Mohamed E. Elkashif and Khalid M. Alamri (PP.1-10). Abstract I Full text PDF

Crop water requirements for tomato, common bean and chick pea in Hudeiba, River Nile State, Sudan

Maie Kabbashi Alla Jabow, Ahmed Ali Salih, Abdel Hadi Abdel Wahab Mohamed and Bashir Mohammed Ahmed . (PP. 11-22). Abstract I Full text PDF

Effect of farm yard manure and chicken manure on growth and yield of pigeon pea and their residual effect on a subsequent sorghum crop

Ahlam E.Ahmed, N.O.Mukhtar, H.M. Babiker and A.I.Adam (PP. 23-30). Abstractt I Full text PDF

Dryland rehabilitation with Acacia senegal in the central clay plain of the Sudan: Implications for ecological sustainability and management interventions

E. Y. Raddad and O. Luukkanen . (PP. 22-31). Abstract I Full text PDF

Efficacy of plant extracts against Juveniles of Meloidogyne javanica (Treub, 1885)

Nigood M.Omer, G.A.A. Elbadri and Adam M.A. Gadeseed . (PP. 49-58). Abstract I Full text PDF

Meloidogyne javanica inhibition of Meloidogyne javanica eggs hatching selected plant  species extracts

Nigood M.Omer, Gamal A.A. Elbadri  and Adam M.A. Gadeseed (PP. 59-68). Abstract I Full text PDF

Modification and evaluation of a row crop planter for mixed cropping

Lotfie A. Yousif (PP. 69-80). Abstract I Full text PDF

The prospects for agricultural biotechnology products in Riyadh area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Consumption Aspects

Kamaleldin Ali Bashir (PP.81-100). Abstract I Full text PDF



A note on morphological studies of shoot bud initiation from ginger (Zingiber officinales Rosc) rhizome cultured in vitro conditions

S. Sathyagowri and Thayamini H. Seran . (PP 101-106). Full text PDF

A note on effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on onion production under Gezira, Sudan

Ibtihag, K.A (PP. 107-112) Full text PDF

A note on efficacy of Trichogramma principium (Sugonyaev et Sorokina) against tomato-infesting Helicoverpa armigera (Hb.) and Phthorimaea operculella Zeller in Sudan

Tag Elsir E. Abdalla and Ali E. Ali (PP. 113-118) Full text PDF

A note on the prevalence and distribution of common scab (Streptomyces scabies) and other tuber diseases in potato, Khartoum state, Sudan

Nafisa H.Baldo and Moawia Yahia Babiker (PP. 119-124) Full text PDF