Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 21 (2013)

Effect of broad bed and furrow under different nitrogen levels on irrigated grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L .) Moench ) yield at Gezira scheme , Sudan

Elasha A . Elasha . (PP. 1-8). Abstract I Full text PDF

Comparison between parametric and limitation methods of FAO adapted land evaluation system applied to some Gezira soils, Sudan

Elfatih E. Awadelkarim, Osman A. Eltom and Fawzi M. Salih . (PP. 8-24). Abstract I Full text PDF

Herbicidal efficacy and selectivity of metribuzin, fluazifop-butyl and their tank mixtures for weed control in potato, (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Nasr Eldin Khairi Abdalla and A.G.T. Babiker (PP. 25-38). Abstractt I Full text PDF

Impact of some management practices on available browse production in rangelands in Tillow area, South Kordofan state, Sudan

Ahmed M. M. Lazim, Babo F Mohammed, Salih E Elsheikh . (PP. 39-46). Abstract I Full text PDF

Proximate chemical composition of leaves and twigs of some fodder trees in rangelands in Kadugli area, South Kordofan State, Sudan

Ahmed .M. M. Lazim (PP. 47-56). Abstract I Full text PDF

The nutritive value and goat preference of pasture plants in Abu Haraz area in the Butana plain, Sudan

Mohmed Elamin Elimam, Alam Eldeen Hassan Mohmed and Babo Fadelalla Mohmed Dafallla (PP. 57-72). Abstract I Full text PDF

Effect of feed restriction on the body composition and carcass characteristics of broiler chicken

Sayda, A. M. Ali, Hyder O. Abdalla and Mohamed Y. M.Elbeeli . (PP.73-86). Abstract I Full text PDF

Adoption of faba bean and wheat production technologies in the River Nile and Northern States under IFAD-funded Project in Sudan

Abdelaziz A. Hashim and Ishtiag Faroug Abdalla (PP. 87-104). Abstract I Full text PDF

Total factor productivity change of cotton cultivars (Barakat-90) and Barac (67)B( in the Gezira scheme (1991 – 2007), Sudan

Mohamed O.A. Bushara and Hoyam E. Barakat (PP.105-115). Abstract I Full text PDF



A note on sorghum grain yield stability

Awad Elkarim A. Ahmed, Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim and Ibrahim  N. El zain . (PP.119-122). I Full text PDF

A note on damage quantification of Pachnoda interrupta Olivier on sunflower in the Gezira, Sudan, and a technical package for its control

Tag Elsir E. Abdalla and Mohamed Y. Mohamed (PP. 123-130) I Full text PDF

A note on first record of tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in Sudan

Ensaf S. I. Mohamed, Moawia, E. Mohamed and Suad A. El Gameel (PP. 131-138) I Full text PDF

Effects of some sunflower varieties on the incidence of the African bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera Hub.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) at Gedarif rain fed area, Sudan

Aymen E. Ali and Ali ELbadawi Ali (PP. 139-144 ) I Full text PDF