Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 20 (2012)

Effect of nitrogen rates and irrigation regime at different growth stages on yield of two maize varieties

Arafa A . M . Osman , Adam I . Adam , Eltahir S . Ali and Muawia E . Hamed (PP. 1-20). Abstrac I Full text PDF

Evaluation of the plant crop and the first three ratoons of some introduced banana clones (Musa AAA ) grown at two spacings under Gezira conditions , Sudan

Abd Elgadir D . Ahmed , Mohammed E . Elkashif and Elfatih A .M .Elsiddig . (PP. 21-32). Abstract I Full text PDF

The development of two new fermentation techniques for under -utilized organic wastes in New Halfa , Sudan

Mutwakil A . Mahir and Babikir A . Ibrahim (PP. 33-48). Abstractt I Full text PDF

Production and quality assessment of vinegar prepared from nabag (Zizyphus spina christi )

Abdel Moneim E . Sulieman , Hiba B . Yousif and Elamin A . Elkhalifa (PP. 49-60). Abstract I Full text PDF

Trichogramma rearing technique in Sudan and effect of cold storage of host eggs on parasitism and preimaginal parasitoids on adults ` emergence

Tag Elsir E . Abdalla . (PP. 61-70). Abstract I Full text PDF

Biodiversity of fruit flies (Diptera : Tephritidae ) in the Gezira and Sennar States , Sudan

Abdelaziz E . Gesmallah . (PP. 71-80). Abstract I Full text PDF

Development of a simple system for sorghum harvesting in rainfed areas

Khalid A. Ibrahim, Sheikh El Din A. El-Awad and Alawia O.Hassan (PP. 81-94). Abstract I Full text PDF

Operative parameters evaluation of a designed flame apparatus to control weeds between faba bean ridges in the River Nile State , Sudan
Alaeldin M . Elhassan , Khalifa A . Khalifa and Hassan S . Abbas . (PP. 95-102). Abstract I Full text PDF

A comparative economic analysis of zero tillage versus traditional technologies in mechanized rain -fed crop production schemes in Agadi area , Blue Nile State , Sudan

Ayman O . M . Ismail , Nagat A . M . Elmulthum and Abbas E . M . Elamin (PP. 103-108). Abstract I Full text PDF



A note on heterosis for grain yield and its components in maize single cross hybrids

Mohammedein B . Alhussein , Abu Elhassan , S . Ibrahim and Eltahir S . Ali . (PP.109-112). I Full text PDF

A note on the performance of vegetable cowpea (Vigna unguiculata ) seeds harvested from plants grown in animal manure with effective microorganisms (EM )
Thayamini H . Seran and Risvani N . M . Shahardeen . (PP. 113-118) I Full text PDF

A note on report of leaf blight disease caused by Endophragmiella theobromae on Jatropha curcus in Khartoum State , Sudan

Ibrahim H . Babikir and Nafisa H . Baldo (PP. 119-122) I Full text PDF

A note on effect of breed , age of commercial layers and time of eggs collection on some physical egg traits

Hytham S . A . Ahmed , Mohammed Y . M . Elbeeli and Sayda A . M . Ali (PP. 1123-126) I Full text PDF