Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 2 (1999)

Response of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L). Moench) to NP fertilizers and. cropping sequences on irrigated vertisols of the Rahad Scheme.

Elfadil A. Babiker1, A.A. Salih1and Badreldin. A. Mohamed1(PP. 1-81) Abstrac

Allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus and Conocarpus plantations on germination and growth of two sorghum species.

E. E. Ibrahim, H.A. Mohamed and A. F. Mustafa (PP.9-13). Abstract

Evaluation of advanced-generation selections from a random mating-population of sorghum with respect to variability, heritabilty and correlation of yield and yield components.

A.B. Mohamed ., A.M. Badreldin2 and A.G. Ibrahim. (PP. 15-18). Abstractt

Effect of cultivation of sugarcane on soil bulk density and soil water content.

O.A. AliI, A.I. Adam2, A.A. Salih3 and M. Brouwers (PP. 19-22). Abstract

Moisture retention/release characteristics of soils of diverse particle size distribution, with particular emphasis on Gezira Vertisol

Eltijani A. Elias. and W. A. Adam (PP. 23-27). Abstract

Soil associations and soil properties of Gomatyawa Valley on the eastern side of the Red Sea Hills (Sudan).

F. Alailyl, I. EL Hagwa2 and O. KH. Eissa. (PP. 29-35)Abstract

Application of three digital image classification techniques to an area north east Kamlin-Sudan.

Abd EI Magid Ali EI Mobarak (PP. 37-40). Abstract

Simulation of reservoir system operation using recent spreadsheet:
part 1: All-year planning

A. W. Abdelhadi1,  T. Hata1, O. E. Hamad2, H. Tanakamaru1 and A. Tad (PP. 41-49). Abstract

Simulation of reservoir system operation using resent spreadsheet part II: Real-time planning.

A. W. Abdelhadi1, T. Hata1, O. E. Hamad2, H. Tanakamaru1 and A. Tad (PP. 51-56). Abstract

Development of resistance to endosulfan, deltamethrin, and chlorpyrifos in the cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabac; (Genn.), in the Sudan Gezir.

Y. O. H. Assad, N. H. H. Bashir and E. M. A. Eltoum (PP. 57-63) . Abstract

EPopulation dynamics of the wheat aphid, Schizaphis graminum, (Rondani) (Homoptera, Aphididae)and its natural enemies in the field.

Hassan Orner Kannan (PP. 65-68). Abstract

DDT residues in human milk in central Sudan

Inaam A. Mohammed1, G.A.Elzorgani1and K.M.Abdel Fattah. (PP. 69-71). Abstract

Pastoral and livestock development projects in Sudan

Ahmed S. EI Wakeel. (PP. 73-79). Abstract

The degradation of common Libyan feeds in the rumen of sheep.

Mohamed Elamin Elimam1, Mahmoud  Mohamed EI Bergatti2 and Mohamed Ardawa Farkash2 (PP. 81-83). Abstract

Evaluation of some sweet orange cultivars under the heavy clay conditions of central sudan.

Gamaleldin A . Hamid, O.A . Sidahmed, and A . A . Genief (PP.85-88). Abstract

Response of Dwarf Cavendish banana to nitrogen fertilization on heavy clay soils.

D.H. Dawood1, A.A. Salih1 and I.A. Ali. (PP.89-91). Abstract