Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 4 (2004)

Quantitative Trait Loci analysis for drought tolerance in an advanced backcross population of spring wheat.

Seifeldin Elrayah Ibrahim, Anne Schubert, Klaus Pillen and Jens Léon (PP.1-18) Abstrac

Intercropping karkade with groundnut, sesame and cowpea at different spatial arrangements under rainfed conditions.

Abdelrahman K. Osman, Salih E.Elsheikh and Elgailani A.Abdalla . (PP. 19-26). Abstract

Performance of foster grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.) grown on two types of soil in central Sudan.

Abdalla Ahmed  Mohamed Elhassan, Abdelmonem Mohamed Ahmed Eltilib and Yusif Elghorashi Elmahi (PP. 27-36). Abstractt

Effect of in-situ water harvesting techniques and slope gradient on soil moisture and millet yield in North Gedarif area.

Elwaleed Mohammed Elamin . (PP. 37-48). Abstract

Effect of ecological factors on sorghum midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola (Coq.), (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) population.

Anas A. Fadlelmula, Ahmed E. Mohammed Hassan and Rudwan. M. Khafagi . (PP. 49-60). Abstract

Magnitude of Damage to Sugarcane Seedlings Caused by the White Grub Schizonycha sp. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae).

Elnour A. Elnour, Ahmed Elbashir M. Hassan, Rudwan M. Khafagi and Yousif F. Mohammed . (PP. 61-15). Abstract

Intra-specific and Inter-specific competition of the saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) and the merchant beetle, O. mercator (Fauv.) on stored dates.

Susan M. A. El-Nazir, I. El-khidir, M. E. Shazali (PP. 69-80). Abstract

Susceptibility of the Aphid Predator Cheilomenes propinqua vicina (Mulsant) to 13 commonly used insecticides in the Sudan.

Esam Eldin B. M. Kabbashi, Nabil H. H. Bashir and Azhari O. Abd Elbagi (PP.81-88). Abstract

Herbicidal efficacy of glyphosate on weed control in fallow fields as affected by some adjuvants and 2, 4-D.

Abosofian S. Osman, Dafalla A. Dawoud and A. G. T. Babiker . (PP.89-102). Abstract

Survey of Aquatic Weeds in the Rahad Scheme – Sudan.

Hassan Abdelgadir . (PP. 103-110). Abstract


A note on Intra-family variation for cane yield and quality characters across biparental families in sugarcane (Saccharum spp)*.

Abdelmahmoud, O, Ahmed, Vijaya, G. Kumar and Natrajan, U. (PP.111-113).

A note on Abiotic disorder of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) in Guneid, (Sudan): An observation.

Philip W. Marchelo , Awad El Hag and Khalid A. Bukhari . (PP. 93-97)

A note on monitoring and host range of tephritid fruit flies in the River Nile and Gezira states, Sudan.

Abdel Gadir M. Abdellah, Samira A. Mohamed and Sunday Ekesi (PP. 123-130)