Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 14 (2009)

Effect of irrigation interval and picking time on fiber quality and the degree of stickiness in two cotton cultivars.

Abdelrahman H. Abdelatif, Abdelaziz A. Hashim, Ahmed S. Fadlalla, Mohamed M. Omer and Hussein S. Adam . (PP. 1-10)Abstract

Impact of irrigation method and variety on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) yield in the upper terrace soils of Northern Sudan.

Erneo D. Balasio, Khalil Abdel Gadir and Muhammad Ashraf . (PP.11-24). Abstract

Response of water stressed maize (Zea mays L.) to selected N-fertilizers.

Arafa A. M. Osman, Eltahir S. Ali, Adam I. Adam and Muawia E. Hamad (PP. 25-40). Abstractt

Response of tomato to “Elnada Elakhader” foliar fertilizer under Gezira Conditions, Sudan.

Asim F. Abu-Sarra, Hassan S. El Hassan, Naiem A. Ali and Omer A. Dahab . (PP. 41-52). Abstract

Effects of plant spacing on yield and fruit quality of some Cavendish banana (Musa spp.) clones.

Elfatih A. M. Elsiddig, Osman M. Elamin and Mohmed E. Elkashif . (PP. 53-60). Abstract

Resistance of some sorghum varieties to sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola Coquillet (Cecidomyidae: Diptera), damage under Sudan rainfed conditions.

El Nayer H. Suliman, Yassin E. Hassan, Mohamed H. Mohamed, Hanan A. Sulman, Mohamed K.Hassan, Ali E. Ali, Elasha A. Elasha and H.C. Sharma . (PP. 61-68). Abstract

Biology and damage inflicted by the sesame seed bug, Elasmolomus sordidus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) on groundnut.

A. K.Osman, A. M. Abdalla and T.A. ELBlaa (PP.69-80). Abstract

Effects of Dual Gold 96 % EC (S-Metolachlor) alone or in mixture with atrazine on preemergence weed control in Sorghum.

Hassan Abdelgadir, Dafalla A. Dawoud, EL Fatih Abdelaziz, A.A.Hamada and A.G.T. Babiker (PP. 81-94). Abstract

Effect of sprayer specifications and working parameters on field efficiency and work rate.

Lotfie A. Yousif (PP. 95-106). Abstract



A note on receptivity of pistilate flowers of date palm cultivar Mishrig Wad Laggai grown under Khartoum Conditions.

Dawoud H. D. and Fatima A. El-Rauof. (PP.107-110).

A note on salinity effects on germination, biomass and grain yield of some sorghum varieties (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench).

Abdalla Elhagwa, Christian Richter and Andrea Kleeberg. (PP. 111-118)

A note on effects of polymeric film packaging and temperature on banana crown browning.

Elawam S. Ismail, Mohamed E. Elkashif  and Osman M. Elamin (PP. 119-124)

A note on seasonal occurrence of different developmental stages of the white grub Schizonycha spp. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in sugarcane field No. 41116 at Kenana Estate-Sudan.

Elnour A. Elnour, Ahmed Elbashir M. Hassan, Rudwan M. Khafagi and Yousif F. Mohammed (PP. 125-130)