Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 10 (2007)

Agricultural water harvesting and efficient use of small reservoir for sustainable water management

Hata T. and A. W. Abdelhadi . (PP. 1-9) Abstrac

Long-term runoff analysis of the upper Blue Nile River using a distributed water balance model

Tanakamaru H., S. Matsumoto, A. Tada and T. Hata . (PP. 11-19). Abstract

Drought induction in maize (Zea mays L.) through water stress treatments

Eltahir S. A., A. W. Abdelhadi and A. E. Mohamed (PP. 21-24). Abstractt

Participatory water management in the Gezira scheme: The challenges ahead

Abdelhadi A. W. and H. S. Adam . (PP. 25-31). Abstract

Gravimetric sampling density for accurate crop water use calculation under cracking Gezira clay soil in Sudan

Abdelhadi A. W. and Eman Rahmatalla . (PP. 33-46). Abstract

Crop water requirements of irrigated grain sorghum in central Gezira

Abdelhadi A. W. and M. A. Elhadi (PP. 47-57). Abstract

Monitoring evapotranspiration using remote sensing: application possibilities and future prospects

Bashir M. A., H. Tanakamaru and A. Tada (PP. 59-71). Abstract

Developing an Arc Hydro data model for the Nile Basin based on SRTM-3 DEM Data: Introductory trial

Tada A., H. Tanakamaru, M.A. Bashir, T. Hata, K. Torii and A.W. Abdelhadi . (PP. 73-78). Abstract

Local specific characteristics of land use in regions of Sudan Gezira irrigation scheme

Torii K., T. Hata, A. Tada, H. Tanakamaru, A.W. Abdelhadi and M.A. Bashir . (PP. 79-91). Abstract

Effects of terpenoid biosynthesis inhibitors on strigol formation in Menispermum dauricum root culture

Nariaki Wakiuchi, Norifumi Yasuda, and Yukihiro Sugimoto (PP. 93-100). Abstract

Influence of intercropping of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) with hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureous L.) on Striga hermonthica control and sorghum growth and yield

Dafalla A. Dawoud, E.A. Ahmed, N.K. Abdalla, J. Sauerborn & A.G.T. Babiker (PP. 101-106). Abstract

Orobanche species in Sudan: History, Distribution and Management 

Babiker A.G.T., E. A. Ahmed, D.A. Dawoud and N.K. Abdella (PP. 107-114). Abstract

Effect of light on the growth of Orobanche minor Sm

Atsushi Okazawa, Chitra Trakulnaleamsai, Yu Wada, Ei’ichiro Fukusaki, Koichi Yoneyama, Yasutomo Takeuchi, and Akio Kobayashi (PP. 115-119). Abstract

Molecular diversity of Striga hermonthica collected from different locations and host plant species

Abdelbagi M. Ali, S. A.Yasir Mohammed, Elfatih A. Ahmed, Dafaalla A. Dawoud, Sumiyo Yabuta-Miyamoto and Yukihiro Sugimoto

(PP. 121-126). Abstract

Interactions between the parasitic weed Striga hermonthica and its host Sorghum bicolor at a molecular level

Yukihiro Hiraoka and Yukihiro Sugimoto(PP. 127-132). Abstract

Marker assisted transfer of stay-green trait of sorghum to enhance terminal drought tolerance: Candidate donor and recipient genotypes

Abdelbagi M. Ali, Nasrein M. Kamal, Ibrahim Noureldin, Yukihiro Hiraoaka, Yasuo Yamauchi and Yukihiro Sugimoto (PP. 133-141). Abstract