Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol.1 (1998)

Performance of improved sorghum genotypes under irrigated and rainfed situation of the Sudan.

Osman E. Ibrahim1 , . N. El Zen1, E. A. Babiker1 and I. A. Sulimam1(PP. 1-7) Abstract

Response of some sorghum hybrids and their parents to nitrogen fertiliztion

A.B. Mohamed1, A.M. Badreldin 2, N.D. Mohamed1. (PP. 9-12). Abstract

Assessment of the chemical reactivity and agronomical potential of various phosphate rocks

Gadelkarim M. Madibbo (PP. 13-16). Abstractt

Sorghum response to phosphate rock as affected by placement, application rate and soil type.

Gadelkarim M. Madibbo (PP. 17-19). Abstract

NPK fertilization of groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea I.) under irrigated environment

 N. O. Mukhtar1 and A. M. Badr eldin1. (PP. 21-25). Abstract

Determination of sugarcane crop water requirements at Elguneid Sugar Scheme.

F.S. Mergani1, A. E. Mohamed1, H.A. Mohamed1 and E. Y. Mohamed (PP. 27-30). Abstract

Epicuticular wax deposition on leaf surfaces of three sorghum cultivars under well watered and drought conditions: A quantitative analysis.

A. A. Hussain1 and W.S. Stewart2 (PP.31-33). Abstract

Effect of temperature, soil type, sowing depth and irrigation interval on the growth of Tabar Ipomoea cordofana and Siha Blepharis persica.O. E. Mohamed1and H. A. Mohamed1 (PP. 35-39). Abstract

Forage legume hay as a dry season supplement for goats in North Kordofan, Sudan:an integrated crop-livestock approach.

Faisal M.EI-Hagl and Ahmed S. EI Wakee1. (PP. 41-44). Abstract

Rainfal in the Sudan: trend and agricultural implications.

H. A. Mohamed (PP. 45-48). Abstract

Effect of variety and some cultural practices on yield, quality, cracking and blossom-end rot of watermelons (Citrullus lanatus)

E.E. Ali1, A. M. Badreldin 2, M.D. Mohamed 1 and K.A. Mirgani2. (PP. 49-52). Abstract

Evaluation of hot peppers (Capsicum annuum I.) local germ plasm for powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica(lev.) am.) resistance in the Sudan

A.E. Ahmedl, A.E. Eljack2, M.E. Suliman2 and Y.F. Mohamed2. (PP. 53-56). Abstract

Breeding for resistance to powdery mildew Sphaerotheca fuliginea (Schlecht ex Fr. PolL) in squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

E.A. Ahmedl, A. E. Eljack 2 and Y.F.Mohamed2. (PP. 57-60). Abstract

Genetic variation and gene action on resistance to spotted stem borer, Chilo parlellus (Swinhoe) in three sorghum crosses.

A. M. Nour, 1 and A.E. Ali2 (PP. 61-63). Abstract

Preliminary investigations on the acute toxicity of root and bark extracts of Adenium obesum (forsk.), Apocynaceae to the white mice Mus musculus.

A.E. A. Bala1, R. Delonne2, G. Grolleau 2 and N. H. H. Bashir1 (PP. 65-67). Abstract

Effect of different diets on fecundity, Longevity and sex ratio of Microbracon (Habrobracon) beneficentorvier. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae).

R. M. Khafagi 1 (PP. 69-72). Abstract

Environmental changes, insect control and reduction of losses in sorghum stored in matmoras (storage pits).

M. E. Hassan Shazali 1, A.R. EI Had 2,A.M. H.Khalifa3 and M. A. Ahmed1 (PP. 73-78). Abstract

Towards understanding the behavior of small farmers facing additional risk of a cash oriented agricultural policy: The case of the dryland of Western Sudan.

Eltighani M. Elamin1 (PP. 79-85). Abstract