Improvement of Production Technologies

A number of technologies were released dealing with land preparation, irrigation, cultural practices, plant nutrition, pest control, agricultural engineering, range and pasture and others.

a. Land Preparation

1- One recommendation dealing with land preparation for cultivation of wheat irrigation
2- One recommendation was passed on water harvesting in North Kordofan

b. Cultural Practices

Seven recommendations were passed:


1- Pruning of Guava trees
2- Spacing of Banana trees
3- Potato planting
4- Date of transplanting and plant population in sweet pepper (Capsicum annum)
5- Plant population for tomato varieties intended for processing
6- Sowing date method and seed rate of lentils
7- Intercropping of groundnuts with other crops in North Kordofan

c. Plant Nutrition

Some recommendations were passed :
1- Urea application in Bananas ( 200g/plant)
2- Application of urea to oranges in Nile State (200g/ tree to be applied in 2-4 times /year)
3- Urea dose for grape fruit and orange trees (400g/tree to be applied 2-4 times /year)
4- Dose of nitrogen and phosphorus on wheat
5- Fertilization of sugarcane sets with urea (160kg urea/ feddan)

d. Pests and Diseases Control

1- A number of herbicides were released for weed control in cotton
2- Two herbicides were released to control Sudan grass (Adar) in wheat
3- Release of 7 fungicides for the control of powdery mildew on tomatoes
4- Release of a new chemical as seed dressing for onions, tomatoes, okra and cucumber
5- Release of 7 insecticides for the control of insects on cotton
6- Release of 8 herbicides for the control of weeds in Faba bean, lentils and cotton
7- Release of 5 chemicals for use as seed dressing in cotton and wheat
8- Release of 2 insecticides for the control of bollworm on sunflower
9- Release of a complete technological package for the control Buda (Striga hermontheca) on sorghum
10- Release of 4 herbicides for the control of weeds on sugarcane
11- Updating of the recommendations previously released pertaining to the Economic Threshold Level (ETL) of pesticides used for spraying cotton
12- Release of a pesticide to control rats
13- Release of a herbicide ton control weeds on irrigation canals
14- Release of Neem seed extract to control insects on potatoes and okra
15-Release of three herbicides for the control of weeds in transplanted onion

e. Agricultural Engineering

Release of a recommendation related to a prototype for a machine to cutting cotton and groundnuts stalks in the irrigated schemes

f. Range and Pasture

1- Release of a new technology for conservation and improvement of nutritional quality of feeds for ruminants in Kordofan, Western Sudan
2- Release of a recommendation on strategic supplementary feeding of sheep to improve reproductive performance of ewes under range conditions of Kordofan, Western Sudan

Other Technologies

1- Approval of technologies that result in improvement of propagation methods in citruses and mangoes in nurseries and enhancing fruit setting in dates
2- Recommendation of a new chemical method for determination of stickiness in cotton